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Tag: comfort zone

2012.09.20 10:11:31


Change can be a scary concept for a lot of people but it need not be. After all if you keep on doing what you are doing at present, you can expect to get the same results over and over again. So if those results are not ones that you are happy with, then the only thing to do is make some changes to what you currently do.

They don’t have to be big life changing steps that you take all at once, you can take things slowly and at your own pace.  Sometimes people don’t want to improve their life because they are afraid of change. They may not exactly be happy with what they have but they feel comfortable and like predictability, because they don’t have to think too much or get out of their comfort zone. But it is good to get out of your comfort zone now and again and try something new.

We only get one life to live, so I urge you to give stepping out of that comfort zone a little try. Don’t be afraid to take up new opportunities as and when they arise. You can banish fear and step boldly into your new future.

Get yourself used to change, as everything is about to change for you once you put into practice what you can get with the law of attraction on your side. Do simple things to introduce change into your life, simple things like walk on the other side of the road instead of the one you usually walk on going to work, college or school. Who knows you might discover something new or bump into someone you never noticed before that could affect your life in a positive way. You may see a sign or get an idea from something you see which may open up new opportunities for you.

I myself stepped out of my comfort zone in a big way yesterday. I've got a bit of an issue (OK a huge issue) with heights but I decided to take a cable car ride suspended up Lisbon zoo. It was in an open pod and the ride was over water and over the Lions enclosure which made it even more uncomfortable for me. It definately was very uncomfortable for me at first but once I let go of the fear it was a truly liberating feeling and it made me feel amazing and that I could conquer anything.

I don't recommend anything too huge to start with. I sycked myself up for my challenge for some time before I auctualy did it. Start small and work your way up. Once you banish fear life will be so much simpler.


  law of attraction | change | sycked | comfort zone
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