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Tag: Usain Bolt

2012.08.13 22:59:37

Hi There and welcome to our blog,

As I have started this new blog at Smileforevermore I thought I had better get started. I'm using some software that I have not used before but I'm going to give it a try as it allows readers to log in with the same username and password for the website to post comments. I'll test it out for a bit and see what happens. Well the latest news is I have nearly finished my book, I'm on the last chapter at the moment and I have already found a publisher who is willing to publish it. I'll possibly go ahead with that next week but I need to do a little research on them first to make sure I am getting a good deal. It will still be some time before it is in bookshops to nevertheless it's closer to doing so today than it was yesterday.

As I write the Olympics is still in full swing and you can't turn on the telly or pick up a news paper without hearing about it. I've been listening to some of the Athletes being interviewed and it's very clear to see that many of them are using the Law of Attraction to succeed at their sport. The amount of time I have heard positive statements from the athletes is fantastic. They say things like "I know I can win this" and "I am out to take the gold for my performance today". It's wonderful then to watch them perform and know that their belief in the Law of Attraction is what helped a lot of them win. Two of my favourites were Usain Bolt and Katie Taylor.


Usain Bolt celebrates his third London 2012 gold medal after anchoring the final leg Photo: AP


Boxer Katie Taylor has been named the Irish flagbearer at the 2012 Olympics in London:photo Insider Ireland


How athletes utalise the Law of Attraction

It is understandable that athletes have to train hard to enable themselves to be a top sports man or woman in their field.They watch their diet and wake early most mornings to excercise and carry out their strict training routines. It is vital that their bodies iare in perfect working order and ready to cope with all the hard work and training that they need to put in, in order to succeed in their chosen field.

But did you know that atletes also train their minds. Some of them utalise the Law of Attraction in order to be able to perform at their best ability. It is all done with the help of visualisation. Most olympic athletes who utalise the Law of Attraction have already won their gold medal at the Olympics long before the event has teken place. As well as phycical training they use mental training. A sprinter for example would first ground himself, relax his body and then get comfortable before picturing his race on a big movie screen in his mind.

One who has achieved success make it so real that they feel like they are at the event, they feel what it is like to be at the start line, they hear the starter pistol and they run the race in their mind. They run that race over and over again until they achieve perfection and know they can do it and win their race. They see themselves clearly as they come to the finish line leaving their competitors behind. They see themselves win and they feel what it's like to win. They condition themselves to "know" that they will win. Olpmpic atheles would even see themselves collecting their gold medal and feel what it is like to have it placed around their neck.

There are many athletes that use their minds in this way and we should take their example and do the same for events in our own lives. It can be used for public speaking, interviews, meetings and just about everything in life. Go on give it a go and have it work for you.

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