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2012.08.27 21:21:27

Hi everyone,

As you know my book "Life is for Living" is now with my publisher and as soon as it's available in paperback I will let you know. However I'm delighted to be able to announce that it is now available as an e-book. You can see it here at Amazon. It can be downloaded to Kindle or as a PDF as well to ipads and other digital readers. So hopefully there is a format there that will suit your needs.


  law of attraction | smashwords | Life is for living

2012.08.28 18:59:56


Just had a sneak preview of your e-book on smashwords.com and I will definitely be downloading it on to my computer to read at my leisure !!!!!!

2012.08.28 23:44:41

Hi Ali K, glad you like the preview of the book and delighted that you'll be downloading it. I've just downloaded it myself to kindle. I know I've read it a hundread times already as I've been writing it and making adjustments, but it's nice to have my own kindle copy. I'm hoping you'll give it a good review after you've read it

Mr F
2012.08.30 11:28:40

I also go t a sneak preview of your book on smashwords and it looks really good -
Now I guess I will have to pay up to see the rest

2012.08.30 13:05:02

Hi Mr F,
I'm glad you liked the preview and I'm even happier you'll be buying the book. Do let us know what you think of it when you've finished and please do a review on smashwords when you get round to it after reading it all.The more stars you light up for me the better.

2012.09.02 00:50:56

Thanks to everyone who is buying my book and leaving such lovely reviews

2015.10.27 10:03:48

I welcome contributions to this blog but All posts with links will be deleted as my blog is not for free advertising.
Thank you

2017.01.11 07:17:31

I welcome contributions to this blog but All posts with links will be deleted as my blog is not for free advertising.

2018.11.19 09:30:35

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2019.04.06 03:03:15

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