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2012.10.14 20:05:38


Sometimes when I want to manifest something into my life, I make a vision board. They are very easy to make and once you've made one, you just place it in a part of your home or office where you will see it everyday. Spending a little time looking at it each day helps manifest whatever it is you want into your life.

If you want to make one you'll find more details and tips on making one here

I recently found an old one I made many years ago. It was amazing looking at it and realising I had managed to manifest most of what was on there into my life.


2012.11.02 22:35:59

I've been collecting bits and peices for my vision board for weeks now but I finally managed to complete it this afternoon. Looking forward to have the things I want to manifest. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for planting the seed.

2012.11.17 23:50:55

I've always used vision boards, they work a treat

2012.12.11 08:21:38

Yes they really can be very helpful. It jogs your memory each time you see it so helps keep your goal in mind

2019.10.04 12:16:50

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2020.04.14 12:58:15

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