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2012.12.06 14:54:24


How is life treating you at the moment? Take a look around you and see what it is, that you are attracting into your life.

Is it good times, laughter, wonderful people and happiness or are you attracting hard times? Whatever state your life is in at the moment, you can be sure  it's because of the vibrations that you are sending out into the Universe. If you are showing gratitude for all the little things that please you in life, then you will begin to notice that life seems to get better. As it gets better, give even more gratitude and you'll be well on your way to a happier life.

If you want a loving partner, be a loving partner. If you want helpful friends, be a helpful friend yourself. If you would like people say kind and thoughtful words, speak kind and thoughtful words to those around you. Start with the little things and the bigger things will fall into place. The past is the past, there is nothing you can do to change it, so don't waste time worrying about it. Live in the now and embrace it with love. Live in love, give love and spread love. It is one of the most important things you can do, to heal your life which will enable you to live in abundance with joy and happiness.


2012.12.11 08:25:30

So come on guys, how is your manifesting at the moment. I don't mean the big things like cars, although it would be great to hear about those too. I mean the little things that you manifest on a daily basis, like the friends and other situations in your life?

2013.02.10 19:16:22

I have been surprising myself with all the things that I have been manifesting. I manifested some amazing friends, a new dress (I pictured a dress that I knew would suit my shape and figure in my favourite color and hey presto I saw it in a department store near me)a lift for a night out that I didn't want to drive for, a food processor and a cute kitten. All this in the last few months.

2013.05.15 19:58:16

lately I have been thinking and manifesting my thoughts on a daily basis. Today, I thought about my ex-boyfriend and how I would like to hear from him. I put my thoughts out into the universe and within minutes of me opening up to the universe he did. It's so amazing. I'm looking forward to other things unfolding.

2013.05.16 00:01:07

Congratulations ladies!!! I love to hear about your success stories. It's amazing that once we understand how it can be done we can manifest amazing things. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

2013.08.28 10:34:16

I hope you are all still manifesting wonderful things in your life. I've manifested some nice new friends and a better connection with old ones. My partner has also manifested an improvement in his income. If you have more success stories to share with us you are certainly in the right place.

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